Online Course Orientation Video

Welcome to the Yousmle Online Course. This first page is the dashboard

You should start by taking note of the dates and times of This Month's Live Sessions, these will be posted here at the beginning of each month

Now please read through this section carefully as this will guide you through our course. Starting with number 1, filling out the New Member Survey.

Next, follow each step from Learning Strategy Modules

and then to mastering the organ systems.

Here you should make Pathophysiologic Chronology Anki Cards For Vignettes You Don’t Understand - you can click the link here to learn more.

Next take a look at this link about the Daily Minimums You Should Be Doing and how to balance your day between Online Course videos, Anki, and QBank questions.

Make sure to read through the Bottom Line. Most people struggle with doing all of the minimums. However, you should ALWAYS do your old Anki cards everyday.

Moving on, at anytime if you have requests you can leave suggestions by following this link.

Moving back to the top of the page, you access all the course content here

Also our search feature is very useful for finding specific topics with in the course.

This is the progress page. You can come here anytime to see your progress through the course.

Please also take a look at our FAQ. It has answers to the most common questions for new students.

If you have any questions regarding your account please contact Thank you again for joining the course.